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GBS Pressure Vessels CO

GBS is a manufacturer of dished heads,compressed air tanks,pressure vessels such as small and large propane storage tanks,autogas filling tanks,transportation tanks and refrigeration tanks in Istanbul.

For metal forming and dished head business GBS’s start-up dates back to 1945,for pressure vessels production back to 2000.

We manufacture the products in our new production plant equipped with new machines.

Our staff is good trained and highly experienced in steel forming and pressure vessel sector.

Our modern CAD/CAM design and relevant tools have a main role in our production and quality process.
Dished Heads
GBS with hot and cold forming methods by means of hydraulic head presses, which are CNC and manipulator controlled, automatic flanging machines and deep drawing presses, do head manufacturing to international norms. Its production by working on the material that it owns or the material that the customer supplies. Moreover, Güven Bombe is able to produce the other needs of industry according t special drawings as either pressing or as complete production.
GBS Section Bending, bends all shapes took place in its manufacturing schedule according to minimum inner diameters.

It is necessary shapes to arise to desired diameter and radius, and material which will be bended to be homogenous and suitable for cold forming against the breakings that maybe occur during the forming.
Our quality management system guarantees constant quality level and safety of our products in later use. We are certified according to EN ISO 9001:2000,AD 2000 HP0 and W0,which documents our high quality standards.
Heat Treatment
GBS’s heat treatment furnaces which a natural complement to cold forming are TUV approved. They fulfill all requirements set by international standards for austenitic stainless, carbon steel, types of dublex and super dublex stainless, nickel alloys and low-alloy carbon steel. All the furnaces of KBS are controlled according to ASTM A 991 – SAE AMS 2750-ISO 17763-EN 746 and are calibrated by international accrediting agencies.